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Do you install fall protection systems? Demand versatile and high-performance solutions!

We propose effective solutions that will fit any industrial environment, structures and machinery present, and any special needs determined by the environment's conformation.

Choose a single point of contact for the safety of roofing and work environments and the safe execution of work at height.


Our lifeline systems meet every design requirement: rope or rail, fixed or temporary, horizontal or vertical.

As an alternative, or as a complement to lifelines, we offer a wide selection of anchor points designed to meet different construction needs and to adapt to substrates made of various materials. In addition, we offer a wide selection of CPE and PPE.

Our product range is constantly being updated in order to meet the constant demands of the market.


We study constantly in order to design and produce state-of-the-art fall protection devices that combine maximum safety, in terms of structural capacity and strength, with comfort and versatility of use.

We process all the information gathered during the first phase: geometry, access, type of structure, working procedures and peculiarities of the environment.

Our Technical Department then draws up the "Falling Risk Project" and the corresponding offer, in a short time and in full compliance with the your requirements and current regulations.


Our safety systems are always installed taking into account the specific characteristics of the environment, both through the design drawn up following the on-site inspection and by actively listening to the customer's requests.


The result is tailor-made systems with attention to the smallest details, from the choice of fasteners to waterproofing, accompanied by the appropriate documentation and certification, and installed by qualified professional technicians.


The critical installation phase is carried out exclusively by qualified personnel, trained by Rothoblaas through continuous training and refresher courses.


After the installation we are available to assist you and are always ready to intervene quickly if necessary.

Fall protection systems catalogue

As a manufacturer, we are responsible for the certification of the solutions we distribute. All the products documentation (certifications, technical data, assembly instructions and regulations) is available at, while information about traceability and utilisation is found directly on the products or accompanying labels.


Learn more about our products by downloading a copy of the "Fall Protection and Safety" catalogue.

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Specialist technical support is always at your disposal to ensure expert support during planning, implementation and maintenance phases of systems. We are also available for an on-site visit.

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Complete range of solutions for fully safe access, transit and operations in industrial, civil and confined spaces. Our products are available from stock, so there is no long waiting time for delivery.

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Our systems are quick and easy to install on a variety of substructures and materials.

Thanks to the tested and calculated fasteners for each solution, there is no room for doubt.

Why choose us

Protect yourself and your employees from falls from height

Choose Rothoblaas.

The risk of falling from heights is not always immediately apparent, for various reasons. However, accidents in warehouses, production plants, but also residences and apartment blocks happen more often than people think. That is why it is important to entrust your safety to professionals.


At Rothoblaas, we take great care when planning safety.


Understanding that every situation has its own set of challenges, it is important for us to listen carefully to your needs in order to understand as closely as possible where our solutions will be installed.


Once the job is done, we want to be sure that we have recommended the most suitable security system, or that we have modified it appropriately to make it compatible with your needs.


We want to be your trusted partner in solving any safety issues you may have.

You can count on us to do whatever it takes.

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