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Do you need to install a photovoltaic system? Protect your life!

More than 90% of photovoltaic systems installed on roofs either do not have a fall protection system or are not up to standard.

The absolute lack of a fall protection system.

To this day, when installing a photovoltaic system, fall protection systems are not installed.

Providing for an anchoring system forces designers to leave parts of the roof free of PV modules, so that anchors can be installed and maintenance workers can walk through.

With this logic, people prefer not to install fall protection systems by passing the problem on to those who arrive later to maintain the system. Moreover, as is often the case in Italy, people think about what to build, but not how to build it.

No planning.

Failure to install a fall protection system is a serious mistake from an economic planning point of view. Photovoltaic system maintenance must be carried out safely, and the building owner who has not planned for it is obliged to incur large unplanned expenses.

A photovoltaic system usually needs more than one maintenance intervention per year and almost always unscheduled: in case of failure, in order not to lose production, action must be taken as soon as possible and this problem generates stress and anxiety especially if you are not up to standard.

No presence of manuals and certifications.

Sometimes what happens is that the more forward-thinking owners have permanent lifelines or guardrails installed along with the PV systems.


Too bad that more often than not the work is done poorly, is poorly documented, and installed even worse.


A fall protection system without the necessary and mandatory documentation constitutes nothing more than a bunch of hardware randomly placed around the perimeter of the roof.


Without documentation, it is not possible to:


  • understand how the system is to be used;

  • choose the appropriate PPE;

  • identify the access point;

  • provide for possible rescue and recovery facilities;

  • identify who is responsible (other than the owner) in the event of a serious injury or accident.


All this without bringing into play the actual technical soundness of the fall protection system present

No one poses the problem in advance.

As is often the case when it comes to fall protection systems and confined spaces, design from a safety perspective is always the last topic to be dealt with. The reason for this is that there is a tendency to think that nothing bad can ever happen to either installers or maintainers.

With this mistaken and unsafe logic, people tend to save money today at the risk of paying serious consequences tomorrow.

Rothoblaas' solution.

Rothoblaas' solution.

At Rothoblaas, we offer customized solutions based on our in-depth knowledge of standards and technologies for securing complex environments.

Where mandatory lifelines have not been installed, Rothoblaas steps in with the design of the fall arrest system best suited to the building's roof and the photovoltaic system installed.

Where fall protection systems are present, it immediately checks their state of installation and maintenance.

Protect your life with the one true, urgent and smart thing to do: install certified fall protection systems for your safety and the safety of the system's maintainers.

1  —


A company that offers safety solutions and helps the HSE to choose the right solution.

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With your knowledge of the environments to be made safe and the experience of our technicians, we can help you effectively design the best safety systems for your needs.

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We have partners (customers) and agents all over the world who can guarantee inspections, design and installation.

Why choose Rothoblaas.


Do you want to assess the condition of your old photovoltaic system's fall protection system?

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